Christine Horner, M.D. – One Woman’s Voice, Creating Change

Being a voice for women is a natural role for Dr. Christine Horner, M.D., and one that has helped change the lives of American women. Motivated by her professional and personal experiences, Dr. Horner’s message has evolved into one of prevention. She focuses on breast cancer, however the research based information she speaks about is especially helpful for colon and prostate cancers as well. The Prevent Event is excited to bring Dr. Horner to you for her first Iowa and Nebraska speaking tour promoting helpful information for cancer free living.

The Heartland/Iowa Connection

Dr. Horner was born in Illinois and when she was 5, her family moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They lived here until she was 14 when the family moved to Ohio. She has many fond memories and says, “I am eager to return to my old stomping grounds to share what I am so passionate about – extraordinary health.” This trip from the Mississippi River to the Missouri River will be fun as she gets to share her passion of healthy living with several hundred people.

Christine Horner, M.D. – A Personal and Professional Journey

Dr. Horner’s career in plastic and reconstructive surgery literally took form in Iowa! Young Christine was just 10 years old when she realized her calling in life. She was watching Medical Center on television one day. Surgeon Dr. Joe Gannon saves a patient’s life, causing what is quite simply the epiphany moment that Dr. Horner remembers, thinking, “That would be the most rewarding profession – to help people, to save lives.”

Knowing early on what she wanted to do made it easy to keep moving in that direction. Dr. Horner notes just one small catch along the way, “Once I was in general surgery, I hated it!” She decided to do a rotation in plastic surgery and knew right away that this was her niche. It felt good to help people with cleft lip palates and find wholeness after motor vehicle accidents or breast cancer. She loved the diversity and the artistry within plastic surgery and felt the rewards of seeing a person uplifted physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She saw first-hand, how we view ourselves is a critical aspect of health and well-being.

By 1991 when she started her practice, she was intimately familiar with breast cancer because her mother was a survivor. Her mother’s cancer journey started in 1976, while Dr. Horner was in college. A second diagnosis 13 years later on the opposite breast was caught very early – in stage 1 and was less than a centimeter in size. Because of the early diagnosis and the fact that her mother had followed medical protocol promoted at the time, the family had confidence that she would be fine. Then 5 years later, in 1994, she developed metastatic disease, a direct result of the breast cancer from 5 years earlier and passed away within the year. As many family members know, losing a loved one to cancer of any kind can be a pivoting moment.

Because of her mother, Dr. Horner chose to spend more than a decade being involved with the American Cancer Society (ACS) in the state of Kentucky. Her various roles included:

  • 4 years of service on the ACS Breast Cancer Detection Task Force
  • 5 years serving as the Kentucky ACS spokesperson for Breast Cancer issues
  • 2 years devoted to the Chairman of the ACS Relay for Life

In 1994 she was awarded the ACS Kentucky Division Lifesaver Award. Her dedication to understanding and advocating was as natural as breathing. She was, and is, passionate about saving lives. It was a very personal endeavor that was all the more significant because of her professional life.

Early in her career Dr. Horner received her first ‘denial’ letter for breast reconstructive surgery stating that “breasts were an organ without function.” She fought and won several local cases, but realized immediately just how difficult and time-consuming it is for each provider to navigate. She understood change needed to happen on a national level. She launched a crusade in 1993 called the BRA Project (Breast Reconstruction Advocacy) that created laws requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Thirty-five states led the way to the federal bill that was signed into law by President Clinton on October 21, 1998. This was the first time Congress had mandated a specific surgical procedure to be covered by insurance providers. She felt reconstructive surgery was the right of every woman.

While the BRA Project was in full swing, Dr. Horner begins noting that her average patient age is rapidly declining. Women in their 40’s and 50’s with breast cancer are becoming women in their 20’s and 30’s. She is alarmed at what this means for American women in general, knowing this is not unique to her office. And once more she is also propelled by the fact that she is a woman whose mother died of breast cancer – she is in one of those categories of higher statistics.

Driven for the need to know more, she decided to set aside all that she knew about breast cancer and look at the information and research first hand.

Spreading the Message of Cancer Free Living

What she found completely surprised her – she found several diet and lifestyle recommendations that could reduce an individual’s risk by 50% or more – impacting breast, colon, and prostate cancer as well as many other diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine – whole health methods of medicine more than 5,000 years old – offered solid solutions for cancer-free living.

Dr. Horner has created a research-based supplement protocol for prevention of cancer. This protocol is also critical in helping those in the midst of breast cancer. Remembering that food is medicine – that we truly are what we eat – is an important piece of her prevention paradigm. She recognizes the way we navigate our daily lives is also very important: stress reduction techniques, sleep, and exercise all contribute to a prevention lifestyle. She understands from a medical perspective and clearly explains the science supporting each element of her prevention platform.

Dr. Horner became passionate about putting natural approaches out into the hands of the general population to let them make more educated choices in regard to their health. Empowering women (and men) has become top priority. To this end, she retired from her surgical practice in 2002, so she could focus full time on speaking and writing.

The Book – Waking the Warrior Goddess

“I put all my research together and wrote a book that many refer to as their handbook for living,” referring to her book: Waking the Warrior Goddess. There are many aspects and variables to cancer-free living which her book describes in detail. However the foundation to prevention is finding the connection to our inner healing intelligence, our Warrior Goddess – the God-given ability to know what is healthy for us. She believes that we all hold the key to our own healing potential; it is a matter of listening within to what brings balance to our body. Paying attention to how we feel after we eat one food or another, listening to the pain in our body as a cry for rest or movement. Learning to recognize messages from our body is the waking of the innate intelligence women have been recognized for throughout the ages.

The Prevent Event is for EVERYONE

Dr. Horner says, “We can entertain them all!” Her presentations are fun as well as educational. She gets excited about “sharing the time tested secrets to extraordinary health.” She has ‘secrets’ for all ages of men and women. Colon, prostate and breast cancer are similar types of cancer – they are called hormone cancers, meaning that our hormones feed these cancers. Bottom line: if it is good for one cancer, it is good for the other two. Most of the information is relevant to any type of disease, like diabetes, heart health and chronic pain. She has a special message and hopes to inspire teens – the earlier we begin living well, the better our outcome. However, it is never too late to start and we want those teens to bring their grandmothers; improving health and well-being can be achieved by everyone.

Dr. Horner wants to remind people that our current screening tools – mammograms, ultrasounds, colonoscopies and PSA tests – are really diagnostic tools; they are designed to inform us once we have cancer. It just makes sense to be pro-active and begin integrating preventive measures into our lives.

Dr. Horner provides easy and basic tips to adopt into the standard American lifestyle. Adopting just one of them has been proven to reduce risk by 50%. “Here is a significant statistic: 90% of heart attack victims go back to their old lifestyle, evidence says that death is evidently not a motivator for human beings,” says Dr. Horner, “which is why we suggest simple improvements that are easy.” She does not say that everyone needs to turn their lives upside down and inside out – they can choose just one supplement or one activity to pursue that can greatly change their well-being.

What if I have already had breast cancer? Is this for me?

Yes, everything Dr. Horner shares supports finding and maintaining healthy living. If you have cancer or have had cancer, this message is just as relevant and important for you.

Making it Local – the Sponsors of The Prevent Event

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Additional sponsors are welcome to join the cause of spreading healthy, vibrant lifestyle choices – everyone deserves to know they have choices.

Your Support

Yes, you can help The Prevent Event and Dr. Christine Horner’s message several ways:

  • Buy your tickets for friends and family today
  • Please help us spread the message – share the information around the Midwest via email and social media
  • Find and ‘Like’ The Prevent Event on Facebook, ‘Follow’ us on Twitter
  • Remember Dr. Horner’s book will be available for purchase and signing

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our first annual Prevent Event: Breast Cancer Education and YOU!

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By Angela Clark

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