Press Release – The Prevent Event: Breast Cancer Education and YOU

Christine Horner, MD

Join us for breast cancer education in a city near you – Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines or Omaha.


Pam Ryerse
Radiant Health Imaging
206 E. Burlington St. Ste. #3, Fairfield, IA 52556

“The Prevent Event” Presents Cancer Prevention Tips for All Women, All Ages

Dr. Christine Horner to Speak on Breast Cancer Prevention

According to estimates by the American Cancer Society, more than a quarter million women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, however, improving the odds against getting breast cancer may be simpler than most women think. That’s the message of “The Prevent Event: Breast Cancer Education and You!” — a new speaking tour aimed at informing women about ways to prevent breast cancer. “The Prevent Event” kicks off on Thursday, September 13, 2012, in Davenport, Iowa and the tour continues in Cedar Rapids on September 17, Des Moines on September 18 and Omaha on September 20. The featured speaker, Christine Horner, M.D., will be introduced at 7 p.m. at each location. Admission is only $10 per person, and attendees should register online at

Nationally known surgeon and speaker, Christine Horner, M.D., is a former Cedar Rapids resident. After performing reconstructive surgery on younger and younger women, Dr. Horner spearheaded a 5-year campaign to require insurance companies to pay for reconstructive post-mastectomy surgery, which was signed into law in 1998. Dr. Horner will share what she has learned from studying prevention-related research that puts women (and men) on the path to better health. She compiled this research into a book, Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Horner’s Program to Protect Against and Fight Breast Cancer.

“I am eager to return to my old stomping grounds to share what I am so passionate about — extraordinary health,” said Dr. Horner. “I look forward to sharing well-researched, time-tested secrets for all ages, from teens to grandmothers. I want everyone to know it’s never too late to improve your health!”

Dr. Horner has a very personal reason to encourage all women to attend and bring a friend or relative to one of her presentations: Her mother eventually succumbed to breast cancer 18 years after her initial diagnosis. Men are also encouraged to attend so they can learn more about their health and support the healthy lifestyles of their wives, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and daughters.

To register for “The Prevent Event,” visit


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